What is TrackMark

TrackMark is UKAs new quality assurance scheme for outdoor track and field facilities that provides users of all ages and abilities the confidence that they can enjoy track and field athletics at a venue that is accessible to all, well managed and maintained, and meets all required governing body facility and equipment safety standards.

Use this direcory to get the latest information about tracks across the UK. For more information about UKA facility governance, click here.

  • Only venues that are TrackMark accredited or working towards TrackMark will be eligible for competition licences
  • For ALL License level 2 events cages must be compliant to WA/UKA standard. Non compliant cages are eligible for a level 1 licence if an event specific risk assessment is completed.
  • Track and Field measurement survey certification: A FULL or PART survey is required for all Level 2 events


TrackMark Accredited (140)

Aberdeen Sports Village - Outdoor

Aberdeen Sports Village - Outdoor - no image

Alan Moreton Track (Stourport)

Alan Moreton Track (Stourport) - Venue Image

Aldershot Military Stadium

Aldershot Military Stadium - Venue Image

Aldersley Leisure Village (Wolverhampton)

Aldersley Leisure Village (Wolverhampton) - no image

Alexander Stadium

Alexander Stadium - no image

Ashdown Leisure Centre

Ashdown Leisure Centre - no image

Ashton Playing Fields

Ashton Playing Fields - Venue Image

Bannister Sports Centre

Bannister Sports Centre - no image

Basildon Sports Village

Basildon Sports Village - no image

Beckett Park Athletics Centre

Beckett Park Athletics Centre - no image

Berry Hill Park Athletic Track

Berry Hill Park Athletic Track - Venue Image

Bill Whistlecroft Stadium (Yeovil Athletics Arena)

Bill Whistlecroft Stadium (Yeovil Athletics Arena) - Venue Image

Bingham Athletics Track

Bingham Athletics Track - Venue Image

Blackbridge Athletics Track

Blackbridge Athletics Track - Venue Image

Blackshots Athletic Stadium (Thurrock)

Blackshots Athletic Stadium (Thurrock) - Venue Image

Braintree Leisure Centre

Braintree Leisure Centre - no image

Brentwood School Athletics Track

Brentwood School Athletics Track - no image

Brickfields Athletic Track

Brickfields Athletic Track - Venue Image

Caird Park

Caird Park - no image

Cambridge University Athletics Track

Cambridge University Athletics Track - Venue Image

Carmarthen Leisure Centre Track

Carmarthen Leisure Centre Track - no image

Castle School

Castle School - no image

Central Park Athletics Arena

Central Park Athletics Arena - Venue Image


Churchill - no image

Cleavley Athletics Track

Cleavley Athletics Track - no image

Colchester Station Athletics Track

Colchester Station Athletics Track - Venue Image

Costello Stadium

Costello Stadium - no image

County Ground Track (Swindon)

County Ground Track (Swindon) - Venue Image

Coventry Athletic Track (Univeristy of Warwick)

Coventry Athletic Track (Univeristy of Warwick) - no image

Craigswood Sports Centre

Craigswood Sports Centre - Venue Image

Crookham Common (Thornford Park)

Crookham Common (Thornford Park) - no image

Cumbria Sports Academy

Cumbria Sports Academy - no image

Dacorum Athletics Track (Jarman Park)

Dacorum Athletics Track (Jarman Park) - no image

David Weir Leisure Centre

David Weir Leisure Centre - no image

Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre

Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre - Venue Image

Down Grange Athletic Track

Down Grange Athletic Track - Venue Image

Eastbourne Sports Complex (Darlington)

Eastbourne Sports Complex (Darlington) - no image

Edmonscote Athletic Track

Edmonscote Athletic Track - Venue Image

Ellesmere Port Sports Village

Ellesmere Port Sports Village - Venue Image

Embankment Athletics Track

Embankment Athletics Track - no image

Erith Stadium

Erith Stadium - no image

Exeter Arena

Exeter Arena - Venue Image

Fairway Athletics Centre (Sandown)

Fairway Athletics Centre (Sandown) - no image

Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park - no image

Footes Lane

Footes Lane - Venue Image

Furness Academy Athletics Track

Furness Academy Athletics Track - no image

Gateshead International

Gateshead International - no image

Grangemouth Sports Stadium

Grangemouth Sports Stadium - no image

Guildford Spectrum Athletic Track

Guildford Spectrum Athletic Track - no image

Hornchurch Stadium

Hornchurch Stadium - Venue Image

Iffley Road Athletics Track

Iffley Road Athletics Track - no image

John Charles Centre for Sport (South Leeds)

John Charles Centre for Sport (South Leeds) - Venue Image

Julie Rose Stadium

Julie Rose Stadium - no image

K2 Athletics Stadium

K2 Athletics Stadium - no image

Keepmoat Stadium Athletics Track

Keepmoat Stadium Athletics Track - Venue Image

Kettering Athletic Track

Kettering Athletic Track - no image

Kings Park Athletic Track

Kings Park Athletic Track - Venue Image

Lee Valley Athletics Centre (Outdoor)

Lee Valley Athletics Centre (Outdoor) - Venue Image

Lewes Community Athletics Track

Lewes Community Athletics Track - no image

London Marathon Community Track

London Marathon Community Track - Venue Image

Longford Park Athletics Stadium

Longford Park Athletics Stadium - Venue Image

Macclesfield Athletics Track

Macclesfield Athletics Track - no image

Manchester Regional Athletics Arena (Outdoor)

Manchester Regional Athletics Arena (Outdoor) - no image

Market Street Athletics Track

Market Street Athletics Track - no image

Medway Park

Medway Park - Venue Image

Middlesbrough Sports Village

Middlesbrough Sports Village - Venue Image

Mile End Stadium

Mile End Stadium - no image

Millenium Arena Battersea Park

Millenium Arena Battersea Park - no image

Monkton Stadium

Monkton Stadium - no image

Morpeth Athletics Track

Morpeth Athletics Track - no image

Moulton College Athletics Track

Moulton College Athletics Track - Venue Image

Mount Stadium (Spinkhill)

Mount Stadium (Spinkhill) - no image

Mountbatten Centre

Mountbatten Centre - no image

National Sports Centre (IOM)

National Sports Centre (IOM) - no image

Newark Sports Village

Newark Sports Village - no image

Norman Park Athletic Track

Norman Park Athletic Track - Venue Image

Northwood Stadium

Northwood Stadium - no image

Nunnery Wood Sports Complex

Nunnery Wood Sports Complex - no image

One Leisure Outdoor Centre - St Ives

One Leisure Outdoor Centre - St Ives - no image

Palmer Park Athletic Track

Palmer Park Athletic Track - no image

Par Recreation Ground

Par Recreation Ground - Venue Image

Parliament Hill Fields Track

Parliament Hill Fields Track - Venue Image

Perivale Park Athletic Track

Perivale Park Athletic Track - no image

Princess Mary Athletics Stadium

Princess Mary Athletics Stadium - no image

Queens Park Inverness

Queens Park Inverness - Venue Image

Quibell Park Stadium

Quibell Park Stadium - no image

Radclyffe Athletics Arena

Radclyffe Athletics Arena - no image

Ravenscraig Athletics Stadium

Ravenscraig Athletics Stadium - no image

Richmond Street Athletics Stadium

Richmond Street Athletics Stadium - no image

Ridlins Wood Athletics Track

Ridlins Wood Athletics Track - no image

Robin Park Athletics Stadium

Robin Park Athletics Stadium - no image

Rockingham Triangle Sports Stadium (Corby)

Rockingham Triangle Sports Stadium (Corby) - no image

Ron Jones Stadium - Aberdare

Ron Jones Stadium - Aberdare - no image

Salisbury Running Track

Salisbury Running Track - no image

Salt Ayre Sports Centre

Salt Ayre Sports Centre - no image

Sandy Sports Centre (Biggleswade)

Sandy Sports Centre (Biggleswade) - no image

Scotstoun Stadium

Scotstoun Stadium - no image

Sheepmount Athletics Stadium

Sheepmount Athletics Stadium - no image

Shildon - Stadium 2000

Shildon - Stadium 2000 - Venue Image

Shobnall Athletics Track

Shobnall Athletics Track - no image

SHU City Athletics Stadium (Woodbourn Road)

SHU City Athletics Stadium (Woodbourn Road) - Venue Image

South Kesteven Sports Stadium (Grantham)

South Kesteven Sports Stadium (Grantham) - no image

Southend Leisure & Tennis Centre

Southend Leisure & Tennis Centre - no image

Southwark Park

Southwark Park - no image

Sportspark at U.E.A.

Sportspark at U.E.A. - Venue Image

Stanley Park Athletics Arena

Stanley Park Athletics Arena - no image

Stantonbury Stadium

Stantonbury Stadium - no image

Stefen Hill Sports Ground - Daventry

Stefen Hill Sports Ground - Daventry - no image

Stoke Mandeville Stadium

Stoke Mandeville Stadium - no image

Stonex Stadium

Stonex Stadium - Venue Image

Stuart Storey - Wodson Park Track

Stuart Storey - Wodson Park Track - no image

Sutcliffe Park Athletics Track

Sutcliffe Park Athletics Track - Venue Image

Tamworth Athletics Track

Tamworth Athletics Track - no image

Telford Athletics Stadium

Telford Athletics Stadium - no image

The Bridge Leisure Centre

The Bridge Leisure Centre - no image

The Oval Stadium

The Oval Stadium - Venue Image

The Pingles Stadium

The Pingles Stadium - no image

The Sports Centre - Edge Hill University

The Sports Centre - Edge Hill University - Venue Image

Thornes Park Athletics Stadium

Thornes Park Athletics Stadium - no image

Tidworth Oval

Tidworth Oval - no image

Tilsley Park Athletics Track

Tilsley Park Athletics Track - Venue Image

Tipton Sports Academy

Tipton Sports Academy - Venue Image

Tooting Bec Athletics Track

Tooting Bec Athletics Track - no image

Tudor Grange Athletics Centre

Tudor Grange Athletics Centre - Venue Image

University of Bath Athletics Track

University of Bath Athletics Track - no image

University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham - Venue Image

University of Stirling

University of Stirling - no image

University of Winchester Sports Stadium

University of Winchester Sports Stadium - Venue Image

Wavertree Athletic Track

Wavertree Athletic Track - Venue Image

Wellesley Recreation Ground

Wellesley Recreation Ground - no image

West Suffolk Athletics Arena

West Suffolk Athletics Arena - Venue Image

Westminster Lodge Athletics Track

Westminster Lodge Athletics Track - Venue Image

Wimbledon Park Athletics Track

Wimbledon Park Athletics Track - no image

Witton Park Track

Witton Park Track - no image

Woking Sportsbox

Woking Sportsbox - no image

Woodbank Athletics Stadium

Woodbank Athletics Stadium - no image

Woodside Stadium

Woodside Stadium - no image

Wyndley Leisure Centre

Wyndley Leisure Centre - no image

Yarborough Leisure Centre

Yarborough Leisure Centre - Venue Image

Yate Outdoor Sports Complex

Yate Outdoor Sports Complex - Venue Image

Non-Accredited / Basic Listings (158)

Abbey Stadium

Abbey Stadium

Antrim Forum Stadium

Antrim Forum Stadium

Ashfield School Athletics Track

Ashfield School Athletics Track

Ayrshire Athletics Arena

Ayrshire Athletics Arena

Bangor Sportsplex

Bangor Sportsplex

Barden Lane Athletics Track

Barden Lane Athletics Track

Barn Elms Athletics Track

Barn Elms Athletics Track

Bedford International Athletics Stadium

Bedford International Athletics Stadium

Blaydon Athletics Track

Blaydon Athletics Track

Boggart Hole Clough

Boggart Hole Clough

Bolton Arena

Bolton Arena

Bracknell Sports & Leisure Centre

Bracknell Sports & Leisure Centre

Braunton North Devon Track

Braunton North Devon Track

Bridgend Athletic Track

Bridgend Athletic Track

Brunel University

Brunel University

Canterbury High School

Canterbury High School

Cardiff International Sports Stadium

Cardiff International Sports Stadium

Cardiff Met Outdoor Athletics Track

Cardiff Met Outdoor Athletics Track

Charlton Centre Athletics Track

Charlton Centre Athletics Track

Charterhouse School - Godalming

Charterhouse School - Godalming

Chelmsford Sport & Athletics Centre

Chelmsford Sport & Athletics Centre

Chester Le Street - Riverside Sports Pavillion

Chester Le Street - Riverside Sports Pavillion

Clickimin Centre

Clickimin Centre

Coatbridge Outdoor Sports Centre

Coatbridge Outdoor Sports Centre

Colwyn Leisure Centre Track (Eirias Parc)

Colwyn Leisure Centre Track (Eirias Parc)

County Athletics Track (Sir Thomas Picton School)

County Athletics Track (Sir Thomas Picton School)

Cricklefield Athletics Ground

Cricklefield Athletics Ground

Crownpoint Sports Complex

Crownpoint Sports Complex

Croydon Sports Arena

Croydon Sports Arena

Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

Cumberland Arena Athletics Track

Cumberland Arena Athletics Track

Cwmbran Stadium

Cwmbran Stadium

Dalkeith Schools Community Campus

Dalkeith Schools Community Campus

Dam Park

Dam Park

Dauntseys School Athletics Track

Dauntseys School Athletics Track

David Keswick Athletic Centre

David Keswick Athletic Centre

Deangate Ridge Sports Complex

Deangate Ridge Sports Complex

Deeside Stadium

Deeside Stadium

Dell Athletics Stadium

Dell Athletics Stadium

Derby Moorways

Derby Moorways

Droitwich Spa High School Track

Droitwich Spa High School Track

Eastbourne Athletics Track

Eastbourne Athletics Track

Eastwood Academy

Eastwood Academy

Everholm Sports Complex

Everholm Sports Complex

FB Fields (Jersey)

FB Fields (Jersey)

Feltham Running Track

Feltham Running Track

Fox Hollies

Fox Hollies

George Duncan Athletics Arena

George Duncan Athletics Arena